From $35.00 up

Cut & Finish

From $47.00 up

Children 0-10 Cuts

From $23.00 up

Children 0-10 Cut & Finish

From29.00 up

Deep Conditioning Treatment

From $16.50 up

Hair Color

Men's Color From $38.00 up

Root Color

From $62.00 up

Full Hair Color

From $84.00 up

Our focus is to deliver the best salon experience for our clients. We stay committed to being motivated and excited about what we do! We have been in business for over 10 years; the owner, Lonnie has been a stylist for over 24 years. Our staff strives be the best possible, taking a minimum of 2 classes a year. With dedicated service and a track record of success and customer satisfaction, you're guaranteed to have an impressive service every time!

Blow Dry/Set

From $28.50 up

Formal Set

From $44.00 up

Full Head

First Application:

Starting at $175.00 (plus cost of hair)


Starting at $200.00 (using previous hair)

100% Green!

About Our Salon

Eyebrow Wax

From $18.00 up

Eyebrow Tint

From $18.00 up

Facial Wax

From $22.00 up

Lip Wax

From $13.00 up


From $131.00 up

Specialty Perm

From $150.00 up


Aqua Hair Extensions

Per Extension  (Maximum of six)

Starting at $10 + Cost of hair


Full Face Wax

From $38.50 up

Make-Up Application

From $38.00 up

Eyelash Tint

From $35.00 up

Parraffin Dip

From $8.00 up

Hair Extensions


From $74.00 up

Up-Do Consultation

From $49.00 up

Perms & Texturizing Treatment


Using our full range of Eufora and Chi products, you can be assured that we are 100% Ammonia free! That means that your hair is getting the best treatment with our environmentally responsible products.

Our lines include Chi, Eufora, EyEnvy and Aqua extensions.  

Our pricing list is below, so please have a look.

Cap Color

From $84.00 up

Dimensional, Special Effects Color

From $110.00 up

Partial Foils

From $84.00 up

Full Foils

From $161.00 up

Spiral Perm

From $205.00 up


* All prices do not include environmental fees.


Children 11-15 Cuts

from $29.00 up

Children 11-15 Cut & Finish

From $35.00 up

Children 16+

10% off adult