Aqua Hair Extensions

Per Extension  (Maximum of six)

Starting at $10 + Cost of hair

-There are NO CASH refunds. Store credit or product exchange only.

-New guests need to pay a deposit of 50% of their service up front. The deposit can be returned only if the appointment is cancelled before two salon working days, if it is after the two salon working days the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

-Haircuts are not guaranteed without a finish, That way our work can be polished wet then dry.

-If you have an issue with your service you must call or come in within five days.

-If you have an issue with your product, you must bring it back 80% full and by your next appointment.

-We require two salon business days notice to cancel your appointment. Failure to do so multiple times can result in non-refundable prepayment, or no longer a guest at the salon.

-We try our very best to run on time, and we need our guest to be on time as well. More than 15 minutes late we will need you to alter or rebook your appointment.

Our focus is to deliver the best salon experience for our clients. We stay committed to being motivated and excited about what we do! We have been in business for over 15 years; the owner, Lonnie has been a stylist for over 30 years. Our staff strives to be the best possible, taking a minimum of 2 classes a year. With dedicated service and a track record of success and customer satisfaction, our goal is to give you the best service every time.

About Our Salon


From $74.50 +

Up-Do Consultation

From $45.00 +

        Salon Policies

Note: These prices do not include Haircuts or Finishes


* All prices include GST


Conditioning & Colors


From $135.00 & up

Specialty Perm

From $155.00 & up

Perms & Texturizing Treatment


Children 6-12
$29.15 to $45.00 +

Children 13+

10% off adult

Spiral Perm

From $250.00 & up


$37.50 to $47.50 +

Haircut and style

$48.50 to $58.50 +

Children 0-5

$23.65 to $34.65 +

Cap Color

From $84.00 +

Dimensional, Special Effects Color & Blonde

From $110.00 +

Partial Foils

From $86.50 +

Full Foils

From $161.50 +

Blow out style 

From $31.50 +

Formal Set

From $44.00 +

Eyelash Tint

From $35.00

Parraffin Dip

From $10.00

Full Head

First Application:

Starting at $175.00 (plus cost of hair)


Starting at $200.00 (using previous hair)


Note: These prices do not include Haircuts or Finishes

Eyebrow Wax

From $19.50 

Eyebrow Tint

From $19.50

Lip Wax

From $13.00

Full Face Wax
From $38.50 up

Hair Extensions

Deep Conditioning Treatment

From $16.50 +

Hair Color

Men's 10 minute Color From $38.50 +

Root Color

From $63.50 +

Full Hair Color

From $84.50 +